Guided Photography Tour

Antelope Canyon Photography Tour

This is a Photographic Tour
$ 195
  • Guided Photography Tour
  • Everyone MUST have a Tripod
  • Length: 2 hours
Pro Tour

Tour Information

     This is Photographic tour so Every Person must have a Camera and Tripod to be able to participate on this particular tour. You will be driven and guided to the Upper Antelope Canyon by your guide, mind you we only take 6 guest max on this tour so a very small group. We like to keep the groups small being that on the Photo Tour we move in and around other guests so our Photographers are able to catch the true essence of the canyon without guest being in the photos.
     You’ll spend 2 hours inside the canyon setting up in different spots and getting different angles, while the guide helps you with different camera settings. We are very passionate about our guests on this tour and want you to get those photo’s that you’ve seen everywhere around the world. So if this is the tour you would like then please come join us on this magical trip into the beautiful Upper Antelope Canyon. 
Camera and Tripod are Required for Every Person on this tour.

Recommended Items to Bring: Bottled Water, Comfortable Shoes, Smiling Faces! *No dresses or skirts on this trip, it is a hiking tour so dress accordingly.
Photo Tips: For best results use low film speeds and turn off camera flash * If using a handheld camera, use fast film speed * When taking a picture in the canyon turn off the camera flash.
Don’t Forget: Extra Film * Extra Batteries * Other Camera Lenses * Cable Release.
Special Rules: Camera and Tripod are Required for Every Person on this tour.