Antelope Canyon Region Cathedral Canyon Guided Tours

Tour Times

6:30am, 8:30am, 10am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm
$ 89
99 Per
  • Children - $79.99 (8-12yrs)
  • Guided Tour
  • Number of Tours Daily: 6
  • Length: Two hours

Tour Information

Maybe you’re just looking for a pleasant isolated area to take a  nature hike, or a setting to take photographs without too many people around. Try the rugged beauty of the grand majestic Cathedral Canyon! Your guide will point out various facts about the animal life in the area and the native plants once used by their ancestors long ago and what the local Navajo people still use today. You will also appreciate the fantastic rock formations that this canyon tour offers (Cathedral Hall, Four Sisters, Thumb Rock, Pucket Rock, and of course the astonishing slot canyons of this region). This adventure provides a personal touch to explore the beauty of the Navajo land.
You will have to get down and crawl under some boulders, and we have a very narrow section of the canyon that we squeeze through to get to the 10 foot ladder that we climb up to get into the canyon.


*This tour Does Not go to Upper or Lower Antelope Slot Canyon.

Recommended Items to Bring: Bottled Water, Comfortable Shoes, Smiling Faces! *No dresses or skirts on this trip, it is a hiking tour so dress accordingly.
Photo Tips: For best results use low film speeds and turn off camera flash * If using a handheld camera, use fast film speed * When taking a picture in the canyon turn off the camera flash.
Don’t Forget: Extra Film * Extra Batteries * Other Camera Lenses * Cable Release.
Special Rules: No Tripods, Monopods, Selfie-Sticks. No Exceptions.
***Backpacks are allowed on this tour. 

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