Antelope Slot Canyon FAQ's

Q. Why should I go with your company?

A. We are the tour company with the best experienced guides for a customized, more personalized Native American experience of Antelope Slot Canyon. Enter this marvelous cathedral at once with our personable native guides, at any time, in any season, and you will cherish the experience forever.

Q. What is the Refund Policy

A. Antelope Canyon is CLOSED at this time! Due to all of the uncertainty of an "Official Opening Date" Please note that there are NO Refunds on Tours booked for the rest of the year, just Rescheduled dates. We are currently accepting bookings beginning August 1st.

Q. Where is Antelope Slot Canyon?

A. Antelope Slot Canyon is located about 7 miles from the center of Page, AZ.

Q. Why Should we take your Vehicles

A. Antelope Slot Canyon Tours has invested heavily into our Vehicles to insure that you have a comfortable trip to and from the canyons rain, snow or shine! Our vehicles are completely covered and offer heated and air conditioned rides no matter the time of year!

Q. Is there much hiking?

A. No. It’s an easy, flat walk. The canyon is about 225 yards long or 1/8 of mile.

Q. Can we take our own vehicle to the canyon entrance?

A. No. Antelope Canyon is operated by the Navajo Parks and Recreation department and visitors must be transported by a licensed operator.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Visit our TOURS webpage for current pricing, or call 1-928-645-5594. Tour prices are subject to change, due to rate/fee changes from the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department. Tour companies, please call for tour rates.

Q. Is there any flood danger?

A. The flood season is during the months of July-September with rare flooding ever happening. We are very watchful of the weather and future forecasts. Our guides are knowledgeable and will not put you in any danger or risky situations.

Q. Are there any poisonous critters in the canyon?

A. The only poisonous creature ever seen in the canyon is the ordinary diamondback rattlesnake. Your guide will lead the way and chase out any snakes ahead of them. The snake is rarely seen and we see them about as frequent as we see floods, once in a blue moon. There has never been a problem with them.

Q. When is the best time to go?

A. There is no bad time to visit Antelope Canyon. The famous light beams occur through the months of April to September. The off-season can bring a special treat of utter peace, with colorful hues that are rich and deep - allowing the sandstone walls to glow with peculiar incandescence.

Q. Are Reservations required?

A. Due to our awesome tours and the demand of personalizing the experience, and taking in smaller groups, we recommend making reservations ahead of time.

Q. What’s the temperature like?

A. Page AZ gets into the upper 90’sF/lower 100’sF during the summer months. The canyon is nice and cool, about 10-15 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Bring a bottle of water just in case.
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